Flyinternship Volunteers

Katharina, Germany

"Flyinternship I would describe as a family. Living with Anita and Lownan made me part of a family and. I met new friends and interesting people. Staying with them was wonderful because I got introduced in a different way of thinking, more open minded and got explanations what made my work in the project much easier." Katharina, Germany

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Morris, Germany

" A very family atmosphere. There was always somebody to talk to, about challenges in the project. You can feel Lownan and Anita doing this out of passion and not out seeing the dollar signs." Morris, Germany

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Welcome to Namibia

“Our mission is to raise awareness about needs in other countries and create various possibilities to support. FlyInternship offers practicums, internships and volunteering in Namibia. Together with an unforgettable life experience. We will ensure that you get a wide spectrum of advisory approchaes, educational quality of the placement programs and represent your interests. Our first priority is that you have a safe and wonderful abroad experience.“