Flyinterns Projects

Social Projects

FlyInternship works with different local social project in Namibia together. We want to give the volunteers and individuals the possibility to see and experience different project.
All our project we support since several years and they are part of our family.

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Radio/ Entertainment

We are cooperating with Namibians first Radio Station. The community radio stations gives local talents the possibility to get their brand out there and to inform the community about everything important what is happening in the country.

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Welcome to Namibia

“Our mission is to raise awareness about needs in other countries and various possibilities to support and get in the same way a great cultural expierence. FlyInternship offers practicums, education in another country and volunteer work together with an unforgettable life expierence. We consider that to make an internship or volunteering in a forgein country will prepare and help you to climb up very high in your educational and mental horizons. We will ensuring that you get a wide spectrum of advisory approchaes, educational quality of the placement programs and represent your interests. Our first priority is that you have a safe and wonderful experiene abroad. Therefore we will put every effort into making you feeling safe during your whole stay. “