About Flyinterns / Who we are?

Flyinternship was founded by the Austrian, Anita Nangombe. Anita Nangombe first came to Namibia in 2011 for 6 months to volunteer at an afternoon school program in Katutura. After that experience, she returned to Austria, but decided in 2012 to come back to Namibia to work with local projects. Anita Nangombe has a nursing degree. She worked for 4 years at the university clinic in Vienna after she finished her degree. She specialized in Neurology and worked the last 2 years in the HIV/AIDS department on the IMC, where she developed new guidelines and structures for working with drug-addicted people. After she finished her Abitur in evening class in 2012, she decided to go back to Namibia.

Lownan and Anita Nangombe are married since 2014 together they created the idea of Flyinternship and saw the need of a support for local projects. Lownan supports his wife in combining different continents with each other and so the mixture of the local and international combination gives a better understanding and support to the volunteers. Both of them are very open minded and always their to answer questions. What makes Flyinternship different to other organisations is that you have the very close contact to local and international people what makes a abroad experience unique.

In 2011, Anita Nangombe founded Butterfly – People support people. Butterfly is a non-profit organisation that supports projects in developing countries. With Butterfly, she gave herself and people, especially those in Austria, the possibility to support a project while knowing where all the money is going. Until now, she has been active and has been raising funds for different projects. Once a year, Anita travels to Europe and holds talks in schools and universities about Butterfly. Because of her charity work, she was nominated in 2011 for the first time as “Steirerin des Tages” and for the “Woman of the Year 2011” in the Women’s Magazine. In 2014, she was chosen out of 4000 people to be nominated for the “Best Humanity Work of the Year”, and was invited to the Gala of the Year from the Kleine Zeitung.

She is one of the founders of the Side by Side- Early Intervention Centre in Katutura, that opened in March 2013. Together with her colleague, she gives children with special needs the possibility to have an education. While working so closely with other organisations, Anita Nangombe saw the need for volunteers in local projects in Namibia. This was one of her motivations to found FlyInternship- to support local projects with people from all over the world in order to develop these projects in Namibia, while also supporting international students and young people who desire an educational experience in another country. Hopefully, this will also provide the possibility to support and maybe create new local projects.

After working herself as a volunteer, Anita knew that this was a life-changing experience that she would never want to miss. Founding and establishing a sustainable NGO provided her with a lot of experience and desire to create an environment where volunteers can truly connect with the projects and people they are working with. She continues to see the need in Namibia, which initially drove her to continue working towards improvement within the country. She also sees the need of workplaces especially for young women and mothers. Anita Nangombe comes from a country where most of the women do not need to worry about covering their daily life expenses. The women even have a choice of how long they want to stay at home with their children after birth. Here in Namibia, it is another story. Women do not have this choice; they do not get government support. Three months after birth, the baby either has to go to a caretaker, or the mother must stay at home to care for the child without an income.

Along with providing opportunities for volunteers, FlyInternship aims to create new workplaces and give people a better life, inspiring them with people from overseas! In addition, the volunteers receive the opportunity to appreciate their own environment more after they return from an incredible experience serving and giving to another community.

Anita Nangombe expected her first child. This experience has provided her with a more in-depth understanding of what it mean’s to be a mother in Namibia. She can see the needs of this community more clearly since she is living that experience as a mother now, which has given her another drive to create FlyInternship. Every mother has the right to a secure job that offers income enough to cover daily living expenses and provide a safe environment for her child.