Agriculture Project

The Nabitsaus farm is located 35 km outside Windhoek . 5000 hectares provide space for future animal husbandry, greenhouses, fruit trees and much more. The structure goes slowly but surely the main objective of the farm project is to support projects in Windhoek and around with fresh food. Fresh and healthy food is getting more and more expensive in Namibia.
The daily living costs increasing constantly in Namibia and its getting more and more difficult to afford healthy food. With the offer from fresh vegetables and fruits we want to provide and support orphanages and kindergartens in Windhoek and around Windhoek. To give this institutions the possibility for healthy and affordable food for their children.
We also create new working places and want to train and give locals the possibility how they can grow there own food.

Cows, pigs and goats will be also staying on the farm, the meat we sell and the cow and goat milk we will use for producing milkproducts. The main focus we want to give to children and pregnant woman to supply instituations who work with this target gourp with healthy food. Orphan ages and kindergardens, people who are living in ruar areas shall get the possibility of healthy and effortable food.

This project is a challenge for all members. But its a project with future and sustainability, its a project for the community and gives the people back what they deserve. HEALTHY FOOD TO AN AFFORDABLE PRICE.
Namibia should be not a country where people suffer because of no food. But this is the fact here. We try with this project to make a turn and show what is possible.