Volunteerin in Namibia

If you want to make a difference to peoples lives, watching them develop, meeting new people & experiencing things you never thought you would do. Then you are totally right for volunteering in Namibia.

The skills and experience what you gain from volunteering will help you progressing much further than just your degree alone. Volunteering means not just working for free. As a Volunteer you can see the life with different eyes and you can make a different. You can support, develop, working with other cultures and help people to sustainable there project.

Volunteering gives you the possibiltiy to get in touch with different people, people from different backrounds, gives you the vision for the small things in life. Shows you the important things in life and helps you to open your mind.

All these you can reach as a Volunteer and much, much more!

How to become a Volunteer with Flyintership?

„FlyInternship wants to make sure that both parties the projects as well as the volunteers are getting an expierence what they will never forget and get the best out of each other.“ That is why not everybody can be a volunteer with FlyInternship.

Our criterias as follow

  • minimum age 18 years, We do not take responsibility for underage volunteers. The volunteer must understand that he or she is in an forgein country, in an new enviroment and has to take responisbility on his/ her own for the behaviour.
  • Good spoken english
  • completed education or studies or training
  • Should all the documentes are clear and acceptable we will send you a contract what you have to sign and send it back before your stay. This contract is an agreement between both parties to make sure that both sides are getting what they expect.

What you have to send us:
Motivatonal letter and CV
police clearance (for social projects)

Volunteer Packages

The Volunteer Package has been set up to make sure you get the most our of your experience here at Flyinternship. All of our projects are non-profit and the package has been designed to solely pay for your accommodation during your stay here. We have not put a volunteer fee on top of the package or any other additional cohost that are simply not needed for your stay at Flyinternship. We are aware that many volunteers are travelling on a budget and therefore we have set up this package accordingly.

The Volunteer Package: 450 Euro per person for the whole month includes:
  • Accommodation Double Room *
  • Laundry and cleaning facilities
  • WLAN
  • Sharing Kitchen and Living Room
  • Outside terrace with an amazing view over Windhoek
  • Orientation on projects and Windhoek
  • 24/7 Emergency Number
  • Sim card
  • Namibian Map

* If people with to stay in a single room than an upgrade can be arranged for extra 60 Euros.

If you are staying here more than 3 month, we will be able to give longer term discounts or point you in the right direction if you would like to branch out to do something different. Anita is living since over 5 years in Namibia and her husband is local and have a a lot of experience with local organisations. We are always happy to assist you should you wish to get more involved with other community projects.
FlyInternship’s recommendation is that volunteers stay for at least one month, as this will maximize their experience and contribution.

People staying longer could also potentially partner with other organizations and work alongside somebody within that organization to mentor them.

We put the best package possible together for each volunteer. Whether it’s groups or Individuals, the stay in Namibia should be unforgettable for everyone.

For the social project especially, we do not take volunteers for less than one month. This community is very sensitive and needs time to build trust with the volunteers who come to help.

The big advantage to planning your abroad experience with FlyInternship is that you will always have professional people on your side, who will be available 24/7 to assist you with everything that you need. These are people who know the country very well, will give you advice, and also make sure that you will have the best time of your life!

“If you don’t want to forget your stay in Namibia, choose FlyInternship!
We will make sure you will never forget your stay and that you will have a once in a lifetime experience.
Choose the perfect project for you!"

What visa do I need?
How long does it take until I get it?
When shall i apply for it?
What documents do i need for it?

All these questions you will have when you want to apply for your visa in Namibia. The visa regulations are a bit complicated in Namibia and for a forgein person sometimes just a huge bureaucratic mountain. FlyIntership can assist you with the paperwork for the visa. The advantage of our service is that we will guide you through every step of the way, assist you in finding the right papers and make sure that you apply and get the right visa what YOU need.
Visa assistance: 850 N$ (Namibian Dollar)
Visa price: on request