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You don't pay for your help! 

What makes us different?: Angebot
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Transparency and Accountability are very important for us.  You don't deal with a booking agent or anybody else! You have contact directly to us and we assist you as best as we can! We believe in creating a family environment for you! You are not a tourist you are a valuable asset to make the world a better place!


You do not pay for your help! We offer you a 24/7 services, affordable accommodation, cultural input, tour planning assistance and much more! We believe that Volunteering should be accessible for everybody who wants to make the world a better place.

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Flyinternship doesn't "sell"poor children! All our project what we support we work since a very long time together. Some of the project we support where founded from Flyinternship together with the community.  Flyinternship supports projects who depend from volunteers and need there support.


The biggest advantage what Flyinternship has, is that we create our own projects.  Flyinternship has the knowledge and the experience to create community projects plus the Flyinternship team started as Volunteers as well. Thats a wonderful combination because the needs of the local projects plus the needs of the volunteers are taken care off!

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